Benefits Cyclone-X

Direct torque at low revs1Direct torque at low revs

Thanks to the improved air-fuel ratio and a balanced ignition front in the cylinders, your engine runs better, even at low revs. The Cyclone-X improves "Smart Driving" experience and makes it more enjoyable.


Complete combustion in the engine - fewer emissions

2Lower emissions

A more complete combustion process and long-lasting clean engine ensure that contaminants are not added to the volume of harmful emissions. The NOx reducing EGR also works better with a Cyclone-X.


Fuel saving - modified driving style3

Fuel savings

By improving air circulation and air control in the engine, there is no need to push the accelerator pedal as far as before for equal performance. The result: direct savings on fuel costs.


Cyclone-X keeps the pistons, cylinders and valves clean4Engine remains cleaner

The Cyclone-X swirls the air around, directly flushing out internal dirt particles. The dirt build-up causing interference in the cylinder valves and throttles stays away, and you see the effect directly as filters and motor oil remain cleaner for longer.


Longer service life for your engine5Longer service life for your engine

The Cyclone-X prevents the build-up of fouling which, in many cases, can lead to severe wear. With the Cyclone-X you can easily drive at lower revs. Lower speeds contribute to reduced engine wear.