Benefits Cyclone-X

Fuel saving - modified driving style3

Fuel savings

By improving air circulation and air control in the engine, there is no need to push the accelerator pedal as far as before for equal performance. The result: direct savings on fuel costs.


By installing a Cyclone-X, you create the possibility to save fuel on three fronts.


Fuel saving - modified driving style

The Cyclone X enables a different driving style. Since your engine has already torque at a lower speed, you can upshift earlier and thus use less fuel.


More complete combustion process - more power out of every litre

The air vortex ensures better air-fuel ratio and improves the strength of the combustion air supply. Having cleared obstacles more easily, the air is delivered faster and in greater amounts where we want it to go, i.e. into the combustion chamber. More fuel is burned and fewer residues are produced as a result.


In many cases the vortex continues into the cylinder and its effect is maintained even in the compression stroke. This ensures a more balanced distribution of force on the piston head, and you get even more energy out of every litre of fuel. This eventually results in fuel savings.


Maintain factory values regarding fuel consumption

The fuel consumption of engines will increase over time as contaminants gradually build up inside. Engine pollution negatively impacts the supply of combustion air, when passage through an intake is narrowed by carbon deposits, for example. Moreover, it leads to changing temperature patterns and air flow, so that the theoretically optimized combustion process no longer reaches full completion and fuel consumption increases. The vortex created by the Cyclone-X keeps your engine clean. The factory values regarding fuel consumption are therefore maintained.