Benefits Cyclone-X

Cyclone-X keeps the pistons, cylinders and valves clean4Engine remains cleaner

The Cyclone-X swirls the air around, directly flushing out internal dirt particles. The dirt build-up causing interference in the cylinder valves and throttles stays away, and you see the effect directly as filters and motor oil remain cleaner for longer.







Cyclone-X keeps air supply clean

Fitting the Cyclone-X in the engine air supply eliminates the occurrence of the most common laminar flows. With the Cyclone-X there are no more areas with minimal air flow or areas where the air is completely still. Those, in particular, are the areas where dirt will build up.



Cyclone-X keeps the pistons, cylinders and valves clean

A more powerful air supply ensures a complete combustion process, which in turn minimizes residues. So, the pistons, cylinders and valves will remain cleaner. The Cyclone-X will ensure that carbon deposits will not happen again and that, if already present, they will be readily dislodged and dissolved. The much higher combustion rate has another advantage: less fuel leaks into the engine oil, which allows the latter to last longer.

Cyclone-X keeps the EGR valve clean

Due to environmental legislation, modern engines are equipped with a recirculation system, whereby a portion of the exhaust gas is recirculated (EGR) through the combustion process of an engine. This lowers the combustion temperature and thus the NOx emissions. However, redirecting exhaust gases (with particles) through an engine, this along with crankcase vapours, is asking for trouble if not supported by measures.

When the Cyclone-X is placed directly upstream of the EGR valve, not only does it improve blending, it also ensures the necessary flow of air which prevents the build-up of dirt particles. The EGR valve is kept clean as a result.


A clean engine delivers savings

A permanently clean engine will save you money on its fuel and maintenance costs.


Clean = fuel savings + fewer failures and maintenance