Frequently asked questions

Is there an alternative to chip tuning for passenger cars?

Engine tuning with cyclone-X. Alternative to chip tuning. Even though installing a Cyclone-X differs from chip tuning, it will definitely produce a number of noticeable effects. By improving airflow, the Cyclone-X ensures that the engine keeps delivering more performance and tractive force and this for a fraction of the cost of chip tuning.


There are different ways to tune an engine, by acting on the mechanics, condition or electronics. Some examples include fitting sports exhausts, air filters, the use of nitrous oxide, a turbocharger, chip tuning etc.



An alternative to chip tuning that is easy to implement - Engine tuning with the Cyclone-X

Tuning with a Cyclone-X requires no adjustments in the software of the engine management system. During maintenance there is no risk that the software will be reset. With the Cyclone-X, the gear pattern and the injection are not changed as is the case in conventional chip tuning. The Cyclone-X is a reliable and simple way to tune your engine. The Cyclone-X is completely maintenance-free and, for a small investment, ensures a considerable performance enhancement.