Camper and Caravan

More torque and saving fuel.Campers are the ideal recreational vehicles to explore the world; obviously, you would like to travel as comfortably as possible, while saving fuel at the same time.


If you fit the Cyclone-X in the intake system of the engine, you will immediately notice that the camper has a more comfortable ride and contributes to your travel pleasure.


What does the Cyclone-X do for campers?

  • The camper has more torque at low rpm. So more traction.You have instant torque - and therefore more tractive force - at low revs. Since more torque is available, you can upshift quicker: the Cyclone-X provides the engine with more power. By driving at lower revs, the so-called "Smart Driving", fuel consumption logically decreases. In addition, the Cyclone-X provides the campers engine with an improved and more powerful air supply. The combustion process is more complete and you don't have to push the accelerator pedal so far down for equal performance. The result: direct savings on fuel costs. If you travel frequently, the installation of a Cyclone-X may already pay back within one day and you will simply travel farther on every litre of fuel.Prevents the occurrence of soot.
  • With the Cyclone-X, you no longer have to downshift because the engine of the campers bucks. Due to the improved torque you notice that, where before the Cyclone-X was fitted, you had to downshift because the engine bucked or stumbled, now you only need to let go of the accelerator at low revs in the 4th or 5th gear and then accelerate again. It allows the engine to pick up instantly and it has the necessary tractive force.
  • It prevents the occurrence of soot (soot plumes) in diesel engines. The Cyclone-X does not only keep the engine clean internally; you will also notice from the outside that the camper remains clean, e.g. in the vicinity of the exhaust. When you get to your destination, Cyclone-X in a camperyou don't have to start cleaning right away. Instead, you can immediately enjoy the scenery, sights and stories from fellow world travellers.
  • If you are still determined to conquer the world, it is also nice to think that you are also doing your bit towards a cleaner environment. With the launch of the Cyclone-X, we can safely introduce the phrase “Socially Responsible Travel”. The Cyclone-X ensures more optimized combustion resulting in lower emissions of harmful gases. Thanks to the vortex of the Cyclone-X providing the engine of your camper with more air, combined with the absence of contamination, combustion is greatly improved.
  • It prevents the obstruction of the EGR valve in diesel engines. The Cyclone-X, thanks to the vortex it creates, keeps cleaning the EGR valve. An emergency measure such as capping the EGR in some cases will be no longer necessary as a result.

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Fitting a Cyclone-X in your camper

An official Cyclone-X dealer may fit a Cyclone-X into your motorhome. All Cyclone-X dealers are officially certified and their staff have received Cyclone-X training. They can advise you on the various mounting points and the result to be expected from each. If you want to fit the Cyclone-X in your motorhome yourself, you can procure one from a Cyclone-X dealer. Find your nearest Cyclone-X dealer.



More torque and traction with towing a caravan of trailer.Also, towing a caravan becomes more pleasant

Thanks to an increase in torque at low revs, towing a caravan with a bus or car is much more pleasant. With the Cyclone-X, you can upshift to a much higher gear at much lower revs. Moreover, you will notice that, when driving up a mountain, you are able to remain in a high gear for much longer while retaining tractive force. An additional advantage of the Cyclone-X is that your caravan is no longer stained by your exhaust.