Frequently asked questions

What is an EGR valve? How can I prevent clogging of the valve?

EGR valve to prevent contamination. EGR valve problem.Diesel engines are fitted with an EGR valve as standard. An EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve manages to reduce NOx emissions from the engine by recirculating the exhaust gases through the engine.


Functioning of an EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve... and the resulting engine pollution

In a diesel engine - air mixture which burns with a surplus of oxygen, NOx is released. NOx is harmful to the environment and emissions from new engines must be reduced according to the directives.


By feeding back a portion of the exhaust gases that are low in oxygen, the combustion temperature is reduced which in turn decreases NOx emissions. The EGR actually works in part load, if for example the vehicle is set to 100 km/h on the cruise control. At full load, the valve is simply closed.


Due to the action of the EGR, the combustion in the engine is less complete (e.g. because of reduced oxygen content), which may lead to the occurrence of more hydrocarbons, and therefore more particles. This leads to the build-up of a lot of deposits in the intake manifold and EGR regulating valve, sometimes so much so that engine failure reports and other problems appear. The regulating valve will tend to remain suspended, and then remain in the open position, so that also during full load, a lot of exhaust gases will be incorporated into the combustion air. This is how accelerating with a diesel vehicle produces the notorious black soot plume.


EGR klep vervuild met koolstof aanslag - storing en problemen door dichtgroeien

Cyclone holds EGR valve clean and prevent overgrown with carbon deposition.

A dirty EGR valve without the Cyclone-X looks like that. Carbon deposits and the potential

obstruction - caking - of the valve.

And this is how the EGR valve would look if combined with a Cyclone-X.


Fitting a Cyclone-X is the solution

An examination of the EGR valve should be conducted before the Cyclone-X can be fitted. Start by cleaning the valve and only then fit the Cyclone-X. Your Cyclone-X dealer can provide a professional installation.



Avoid failures and problems due to caking of the EGR valve

The Cyclone-X, thanks to the vortex it creates, keeps cleaning the EGR valve. An emergency measure such as capping the EGR will be no longer necessary. With the Cyclone-X, your internal combustion engine remains in top condition, something you will notice immediately when driving. You will also observe that, in most engines, the annoying acceleration smoke will soon disappear.


Capping of EGR valve - recipe for failures

Now you can choose whether or not to cap the ERG to stop foul exhaust gases from going back into the intake manifold.
However, on some engines, the EGR valve is not directed through a vacuum but also through the car's computer system. In the case of such engines, capping the EGR valve is not recommended (e.g. BMW, Mercedes, farm machinery etc.). Here, the Cyclone-X can help at two levels. By increasing the intake volume (resistance is reduced because of the turbulence created by the Cyclone vortex), the combustion temperature will also drop. This allows you to avoid failures; not only do you save money, but you also help the environment.


In the Netherlands, the fire department of Flevoland, Rijkswaterstaat and Visserij (Fisheries) have already opted for the installation of Cyclone-X units.